Sermon – God and Money – Paul Matthews

Today we launch a new segment which we have creatively titled ‘Occasional Sermon Friday’. The #3VO fellas occasionally preach at local churches, and we have decided to pass the sermons on to you! Today Paul is preaching on the topic of money from Luke 12:13-21. Sit back, crack a cold beverage, and prepare yourself for a wild night!

2 thoughts on “Sermon – God and Money – Paul Matthews

  1. What happens when the church you go to is the only one in the region-remote or otherwise? Membership is small so there aren’t really any eldership material blokes in the church? Shut the church and lose the major Christian centre in the region?


  2. That’s a tough question Luke. Firstly I would say that God doesn’t call us to be concerned with the outcomes of following his decrees, just that we follow them. In the same way that having sex outside of marriage is not good even if it affords you more chances to share the gospel, installing elders that do not meet the biblical eldership criteria just to keep a church going is being concerned not with obedience but outcomes. Having said that, I believe that a single-elder (paid pastor) church is still ticking all the biblical boxes. Does that make sense?


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