2.18 Dating


Dating philosophy can be a divisive topic. A broad range of worldviews brings a broad range of definitions and confusion often reigns! We were asked – as three guys who’ve successfully navigated the waters of pre-marriage romantic relationships – how to go about a romantic relationship. Here are the answers we gave, whether you like them or not! Let us know what you think about our ideas.

2.13 Parenting


Michael, Paul, and Simon pride themselves in making episodes with little to no preparation and definitely no factual research. Parenting is a complex process, but we we have theoretically perfect, yet totally unproven methods! Enjoy!

23. Pregnancy

So, maybe one day you were sitting out on the deck enjoying a wonderful spring afternoon. The air was warm, the flowers were out, and you noticed a baby animal of your favourite variety. This got you thinking… I wonder what Michael, Paul and Simon know about Pregnancy… #3VOpodcast #LivingTheDream