2.8 Mission

Mud huts, water filters, and medical treatment. Is there more to mission than going to Asia for two weeks? Are all Christians missionaries? Can you be a missionary and not share the Gospel? Do these guys even know what they’re talking about? hmm…

2.7 How Paul Proposed

Here’s the episode that no one was expecting, Paul is engaged! Prepare yourself for all the details you ever wanted to know, plus many you really didn’t want to hear. Just a heads up, if your first name starts with E and ends with -lbie, you might want to give this one a miss…

2.6 Michael’s Podcasting Tips

Ever wanted to hear Michael speak Greek? Ever wanted to start your own podcast and want to avoid the pitfalls of Paul and Simon? This episode is a peer-reviewed critique of Paul and Simon’s special episode. There are lots of lessons to learn – things to do, and things not to do.

2.2 Netflix

We’ve all been there. The slow scroll.. “no… no… no…” And then when we say “yes!” we spend the next 57.4 hours letting our brains melt out our ears. Netflix. Stan. Amazon Prime. iTunes. Streaming. Which is best? Hidden gems? Weirdest title? it’s all here on #3VOpodcast

2.1 How Michael Proposed

Introducing the new-and-barely-improved #3VOpodcast !! It’s been a couple of months and we are so keen to be back! Michael especially is very, very keen. He has been described as the most popular man in Tasmania, but only the podcast download statistics can tell us that for sure… MICHAEL AND RUTH ARE GETTING MARRIED!