Three Views On Taylor Swift


Sneaky – Paul’s Wedding Gifts

As seen on ‘Facebook Live’
#3VO is no longer three single guys, but three married men with responsibilities! To celebrate Paul’s newfound maturity, we picked 5 super-serious presents for him and then explained the reasoning behind each of them.
WARNING: The presents are neither serious nor mature – and Michael and Simon refuse to sign an affidavit saying they are responsible or mature. Paul has not yet been approached for comment.



Sneaky – Dating Q&A

Simon pointed out that we didn’t actually ANSWER THE QUESTION our listener asked us. So we recorded this sneaky episode to specifically answer the question: “As a Christian in a new (and first) relationship, could you guys give your views on Biblical dating (with marriage as the goal)? Maybe with some discussion on age differences, is there a wrong way (ie. the woman older that the guy)? Also is there a time period that would be to soon to get engaged as a Christian? Whatever you guy feel like explaining and is relevant. This would be much appreciated! Thank you!”

Here it goes!

Sneaky – Wedding Prep

We promised an expansion and in-depth discussion on wedding prep. Here it is – Kinda.


Sneaky – Coffee

Michael Laws knows things. He knows things about coffee. What is cold drip? Ask Michael. Why doesn’t Simon drink coffee?

Has Simon ever even tasted coffee?


Sneaky Scatting

It was inevitable. We all knew this day would come: The day when Paul convinced Simon and Michael that we needed to scat together. Don’t worry, it only goes for a couple of minutes!