2.17 Michael’s Road Trip Special

Who says Paul and Simon are the only ones who do car trips? It’s a two-way street. Literally. This week, Michael travels down to a recording session with only one passenger – YOU!
If you want updates on married life, undercover police stings, and inception-like metaphors, then this one’s for you.

2.10 Literally Nothing – Season 2!

This is a really strange episode. Traditionally, every ten episodes we just talk about whatever – often including details of our lives useless to everyone on earth. This one might be a little different though. There might accidentally be some incidental content! Sure, there’s no singular topic and you might break your neck in the whiplash of topic-change, but hey – it was fun!

Sneaky Episode – More Music

For some of you it’s Friday, last day of the week, and you want nothing more than to get home from work, kick off your shoes and enjoy a sneaky little episode of the #3VOpodcast. For other, you don’t even know what day it is, because you are still studying, and by this stage you need a break. You provide the KitKat, we provide a sneaky little episode. Either way, we hope you enjoy.